What can I do for you?

Content Creation

As a business owner, you’ve got a million things to do and that means, you might not have the time to create effective content.

I’m here to create content that converts!

Rust and Roots can…
– Create a content calendar for your business.
– Create graphics that engage your audience and match your branding.
– Write blog posts that keep folks coming back to your website, time and time again.


Can’t quite find the right words?

A copywriter’s job is to write content that engages your customers and encourages them to take action. Basically, I’m here to make your potential customers realise just how wonderful you and your business are.

So what exactly could a copywriter do?
– Write product descriptions that make it practically impossible for folks not to press ‘add to cart’.
– Proofread and improve the content you’ve already created.
– Write email marketing campaigns that keep your customers interested and informed.
– Rewrite your landing page to ensure customers are engaged from the second they visit your site.

Social Media Management

Does social media feel like a minefield?

Are you stressed about trying to keep up with the current trends?

Feel like you’ve never got the time to focus on your social media?

Through careful planning, consistent research and most importantly, passion and creativity, I ensure that your business is always putting it’s best foot forward online.

What I can do for you…
– Set up new social media accounts.
– Share content that encourages conversation.
– Schedule and post content across all of your platforms.
– Develop a social strategy that increases your reach.
– Monitor, listen and respond to customers to ensure they feel valued and heard.

Virtual Assistant

Need a hand with admin? Consider me your virtual assistant!

Tell me what tasks you loathe doing, and I’ll see if I can take them off your hands!

Examples of things I could do include:
– Managing your inbox
– Scheduling appointments
– Invoicing clients/chasing up missed invoices
– Updating your LinkedIn profile
– Proofreading important documents
– Research

“What if I’m not ready to hand over the reins of my social media or I’m not financially able to do so, but need a gentle push in the right direction?”

That’s why I offer individual masterclasses – for those who feel they don’t need monthly support or can’t afford to have it. Each masterclass is tailored specifically to you, your business and your online goals.

We’ll cover topics like who your ideal customer is, how to reach them, creating a content calendar, how to use your social media effectively and more!

If you’d like more information or want to arrange a masterclass now, please send me an email: hello@rustandrootsgla.com

Ready to reclaim some of your time and spend it doing what you love?