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Rust and Roots is a digital marketing business built to support small business owners. Rust and Roots is a one woman show (hello, I'm Bekah) and we're based in Glasgow.

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The story behind Rust and Roots

Rust isn't just a pretty colour ya know... It is also the Czech word for grow. I lived in the Czech Republic as a child and thought that including rust in my business name was a nice little nod to that.

To me, Rust and Roots encompasses my whole purpose as a brand. I want to help independent business owners grow their business online while sticking to the roots and morals of their business.

Behind the screens… You’ll find Bekah



Hello, I’m Bekah! I’m a digital native who is passionate about helping small businesses grow their online presence through the use of good copy and content on social media. 

Creating my lifestyle blog a few years ago gave me an initial insight to the vast world of digital marketing. Ever since, I’ve been doing all that I can to gain knowledge and experience in this wild online world. Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses if you know how to utilise it. 

I created Rust and Roots, because I care about independent businesses and I want to help them grow. By sharing and using what I’ve learned over the past few years, I feel confident that I can help small indie businesses grow and flourish, both online and offline. If you want to find out more about what I can do for your business, take a look at my services

When I’m not staring at a laptop or phone screen, you will probably find me seeking out good coffee in Glasgow or cosy on the couch reading a book. If you’d like to see more of what I get up to in my day to day life, you can head over to my blog or my Instagram



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